Friday, 30 March 2012

Final Edits of my Digipak and Poster

This is my final edit of my Digipak, I added the Twitter and Facebook logo to show that our artist DJ DES is a promoted artist as she is on social networking sites. I also chose to add a segment of copyright text as I believe this makes the Digipak look more realistic. 

Media Presentation

This was the presentation in which I presented to the rest of my class as an evaluation of my music video

Monday, 19 March 2012

Evaluation Powerpoint

We wanted to use lots of little clips of different things, getting ready to go out being the main subject but to break it up into a whole storyline by intersecting clips of dancing to give a better feel of the video and the message we were trying to put across which was sleep all day and party all night which is why we used the clips at the start of the sun rising and DJ DES getting out of bed.
For some of the conventions we looked at a variety of other music videos to see the kinds of things that would be portrayed for our genre. For instance with the bright colours in ‘Who’s That Chick?’ by Rihanna we thought we would take a look at it and then found that we quite like the lyrics coming up over the video clips which inspired us to experiment with our own work.
-We chose to follow the conventions of Goodwin’s theory and show the notion of looking. We repeated this convention a few times throughout the music video, this gives the audience an insight into a personal feel to the artist.
- We chose to apply lip transfers to DJ DES so it made the clip a bit more exciting and brighter. We also chose to cover the clips with a brightly coloured effect for the clip in another part of the music video so it showed an interesting side to the artist and was quite similar to other music videos of the same genre.
- To link the lyrics and visuals we also chose to use the technique of layering the lyrics over the video and adding an effect over the clip to completely drain the imagery of colour so that the lyrics stand out even more. We also chose to juxtapose the lyrics with the clip of the legs dancing to get the right feel of the music video genre.
We decided to include lots of different types of shots because we thought that overall it would make the music video much more interesting so we decided to so quite a few close up shots of relevant parts of the video for example on the clips where DJ DES is singing. Also we tried a number of photo animations which were as you all probably know lots of photographs taken with a slight change and then all put on a timeline to create a small clip. I find the animations quite interesting and a fun way of adding more footage as its more interesting to watch.  Also we added many effects to our clips which mainly adjusted the colour, bringing life to the footage to make it more vibrant.
We used a range of new media whilst making our  music video ranging from social networking sites to gather feedback to and online calender so every member in our team knew our schedule and personal deadlines we had set. We also used the everyday products like our phones as we used them to text and call each other to arrange when we were meeting up to film. We also used our phones to play the song out loud as we tried to get the lips synced with the lyrics as close as possible and once again with the dancing clips we had to play the song out loud so we could get the dancing to go with the beat.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Our Final Music Video


Today we had our final music video screenings and showed the rest of the class our poster and digipak designs to get some feedback and see if there was anything we needed to improve on.

It was good to get some feedback on what we had added to our music video from the last time we showed it to the class. Also, it was nice to get some feedback on my digipak and poster just to see if it looked like they linked together. I have a few minor changes to make and then I think I have finished all of my pieces.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Poster.

Screen shot of my Poster

This is the new edit of my poster that I have made, I chose to change the old one slightly just so there was more of a link between my digipak and my poster. I believe it is better to have a link between the two other wise people may not know the two are for the same artist whereas when they are quite similar a customer could just walk into a shop and know what they are looking for after seeing the poster. However, I do like the new version slightly more as I feel it is an improvement on the old one with the same colour scheme as my digipak. Overall, I am happy with the outcome.